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Kansa Wand For Face Massage

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Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
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Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
Kansa Wand For Face Massage
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    Who wouldn't wish to have young and glowing skin? Everyone does! And to get glowing skin, we try hundreds of products, which are least effective or give temporary results but none of the solutions are reliable in the long term. However, We have a Solution, and that's Kansa Wand. The most Powerful and Efficient tool of Ayurveda for healthy skin. Kansa Wand is a wooden handle tool with two magical metals on the tip, i.e. Copper & Tin. Both the Metals have their unique capabilities to enhance your facial beauty. When Combined, it creates magic. And we call it Kansa Wand. It is used for Facial massage such as on cheeks, jawline, forehead, neck & also on Shoulders. Kansa Wand has numerous benefits from drawing out toxins from the skin to giving relief to muscular tensions; it has innumerous benefits.

    4.5cm Diameter 13cm Length

    Benefits of Kansa Wand:-

    • Rejuvenates Marma Points
    • Oxygenate the skin from within
    • Reduces Inflammation
    • Stimulates & Restores tissues
    • Gives you Smooth and Glowing Skin
    • Reduces Fine-lines and Wrinkles
    • Removes Toxins from the skin
    • Improves flow of the lymphatic system
    • Balances pH of the skin
    • Strengthen the Nerves
    • Regulates Digestive System
    • Regulates Sleep Patterns

    Why Choose US?

    • 100% teak wood handles with a base of pure Metal Kansa (copper + tin)

    • Ayurvedic & Authentic

    • No Side Effects

    • Free from Chemicals & Artificial Fragrances

    • Pure, Natural & Therapeutic Enriched with Best Essential Oils

    • GMP Certified

    • Made in India

    How to use the Kansa Wand:-

    • The first step is to apply a few drops of Massage Oil on the specific body part before Massaging with Kansa Wand.
    • Then you must gently massage with the Kansa Wand in a clock-wise direction or anti-clockwise direction on the body portion where you have applied oil. Apply a small amount of pressure gradually as you start massaging, and if it shows the greying effect, then your skin is getting detoxified.
    • Continue to massage vigorously for 15-20 Minutes to get Desirable results from the Kansa wand.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the greying effect? The Greying effect that comes after massaging your skin with Kansa Wand is because there is a chemical reaction between the skin and the wand; i.e. your skin turns grey as your skin detoxifies from the impurities and acidity present in the skin. Are there any side effects of using Kansa Wand? Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic technique to detoxify your skin inside out. It is a metal used in our day-to-day life for cooking; Which may only cause any side effects if you are allergic to metals. Can you use any oil with the Kansa wand? There are no such specific types of oil for Kansa Wand Massage. Whereas, it would be preferable if you use Kansa Oil for massage and Various other oil supplied by Priscaved according to your need.